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Triangle Tech Reviews

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  • Don't go here

    Il just say i went to triangle tech Pittsburgh for welding graduates 6 months ago can't find a job anywhere. The school was a complete joke had 7 teachers because they either quit or or were fired, one was a drug addict. Didn't learn anything you can't learn you're first week on the job. The teachers play favorites and our bullies also. Iv seen teachers instigate bullying being in my 50s and having children of my own I find that just cruel, and this was more than one teacher that did this. If I can go back in time I would of went to another school 100%. More...
    (Education, Schools)
  • Sucks Dick

    Triangle Tech Bethlehem. This place is the worst. I highly recommend never coming here. WTTI is right down the road at only a third of the cost and less than half the time and you receive more help there than you could ever hope for in this shit hole. I'm a recent graduate with high honor and all certs passed so this isnt a review from some asshole that has a grudge. This place can't keep an instructor, they don't pay out their student loan money to their students that is supposed to be used for living expenses, half their machines suck or don't work at all and yet they... More...
    (Education, Schools)
    bitchtits1's Picture   bitchtits1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Experience of my Life

    Attending Triangle Tech Greensburg was one of the the worst experiences of my life. My program was Architectural Drafting and Design. Things started out good. My instructor was great. When second term began, our teacher was taken from us and replaced by a candidate that openly confessed that he had no AutoCAD experience. We as a class struggled and the administrators ignored our pleas on the grounds that as long as he follows the syllabus, he is doing his job. The instructor we were given even told us that we probably won't find jobs in our filed. He personally told me that if drafting... More...
    (Education, Schools)
  • Triangle Tech Pittsburg Welding DONT DO IT!

    I am currently a student enrolled in the welding program. There are so many students that there is 3 kids in a booth and only for about 2 hours a day. they cut exotic metals out of the budjet. lock the doors untill 8am and make you wait outside and freeze even when weather is in single didjets and there isnt even heat in the building. Not enough lockers for the students so if u dont have a car to keep your things in get used to luggin around 10 books and all your equiptment for 16 months. your not allowed to use/work on anything that isnt a project.. your not allowed to stay after or come... More...
    (Education, Schools)
    weld112's Picture   weld112    0 Comments   Comments
  • the tri-tech conspiracy

    i go to triangle tech in bethlehem and i am a first term student. let me start by saying that we have 24 students in the ME program. thats way too many students to get and kind of quality teaching. we are treated like high school students and the instructors act like they are the supreme beings and they know everything. it has been said several times "if you dont get it, too bad" they barely know the imformation but try to confuse students on purpose to show that they are better than the students. my materials & methods teacher doesnt even know how to spell electricity!!! how... More...
    (Education, Schools)
  • NO ONE TRAINS YOU AT Triangle Tech

    This school sucks cock, don't come to this school or waste your time and money. The teachers treat you like little kids, I feel like im in highschool again. You have barely any freedom to do anything. For an example, one time when a teacher was giving a lecture about Electrical work, I had to use the bathroom so I exited without asking to try to be respectful. Later i return finding out the door is locked and the teacher has this smart ass smirk on his face pointing towards the office. So I left and went to the office and spoke to the school director. He said he was going to talk to... More...
    (Education, Schools)
  • Eyes On the Prize

    I am currently enrolled at Triangle Tech in the Maintenance Electricity (ME) program. I am in my mid 20's and I am in my fourth, and last, term at the school and I have seen a lot to write a very complete review. Now, this review is based off of my experience at this one particular location. I am not speaking on behalf of every other location in the state of Pennsylvania, only the Bethlehem campus. I have been at this school since October 2009, and since then, I have seen much more negative things than positive. It's sad when I have to sit here and think to myself,... More...
    (Education, Schools)
  • Triangle Tech

    Has general programs but I would recommend CCAC for a more well rounded education and approval. The school is only accredited through the national association and students truly need a school/university regional accreditation (traditional 4 year Pitt, Penn State, etc) to have a possibility of credits transferring. Some instructors are incredible but inside management in the corporate office can be double faced. More...
    (Education, Schools)
    unknowuser's Picture   unknowuser    0 Comments   Comments
  • The Triangle Tech Scam

    Triangle Tech is a Pennsylvania trade school, located in Pittsburg, Dubois, Erie, Bethlehem, Sunbury, and Greensburg. The school in particular I speak of is the Erie Triangle Tech. Its programs are Maintenance Electricity, Architectural and Mechanical Drafting, HVAC technologies, carpentry and construction, and welding. Basically you are bribed into the school, only to be greeted by a bunch of lies. This article is solely based on my experience. 1. The school preys on kids from low class neighborhoods, and the country area. Because they think that those kids will not get into... More...
    (Education, Schools)


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